For established non-profits
(operational for three years or longer):
  • Analysis and modification (if necessary) of existing fundraising strategy; fundraising approaches and donor management systems
  • Analysis of existing project monitoring and evaluation tools
  • Guidance with how to package projects for different donors
  • Writing proposals, or re-writing existing proposals
  • Budget preparation or restructuring existing budgets (projects and operational)
  • Responding to leads and introductions to potential donors from clients
  • Identifying and researching new potential donors
  • Preparing and submitting applications to potential donors
  • Monitoring applications and responding to requests for additional information
  • Maintaining donor management systems
  • Managing and developing relationships with donors (acknowledging donations; tracking report requirements and deadlines; preparing and distributing reports; donor acknowledgement systems)
  • Re-approaching existing donors
For start-up non-profits
(operational for less than three years):
  • Review of founding documents and registrations
  • Review of visual materials and website with advice on improvements
  • Guidance with project planning
  • Support with proposal writing and budget preparation
  • Advice on where to find, and  how to identify potential donors
  • Support with drawing up a fundraising year planner and donor management systems
IFP does not undertake fundraising on behalf of start-up organisations. The services provided are intended to prepare them to move forward with their own fundraising. The start-up package of services is provided at a discounted fee and is available for a maximum of two-months.

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